dark_sun_dead_oceans.jpgApril 2011: Our group is currently LFP to join existing 4e Dark Sun campaign. Currently at 7th level. We play every-other Friday night in Belmont Heights, Long Beach. The core group has been together for 2.5 years and this is our second campaign. First campaign went 20 levels with 1 DM. Good group, mature, easy going, comfortable home to game at, like to do craft beer tasting each game. Average age mid 30’s. Mostly encounter-reward driven with an interesting over-archin campaign back story. 75% combat using minis and game tiles. Once or twice a year we do an occasional one-shot of GW, Star Wars converted to 4e, or a Pirate-themed 4e game with firearms.

Dark sun dead oceans

Chronicles of Athas