Chronicles of Athas

Balic to the Ringing Mountains

The group has been hired by an old man named Ito to find the second piece of the crown of dust. Ito was able to give you a general idea of where he thought the permanent dust devil was that hides the “Face in the Stone”. After a grueling 10 day journey through the desert, the group finds the dust devil. A pair of crystal spiders had made their lair outside of it, but were not much of a challenge. The group then had to make their way through the whirling sand, which proved to be quite an ordeal for the small halfling. In the eye of the dust devil, the group sees a stone mesa with grim face carved in its base. The gaping mouth appears to be the only entrance. Two stone obelisks protrude from the lower jaw like a pair of demonic fangs. The brilliant desert sun seems powerless to penetrate the darkness within.


Ixitxachitl Ixitxachitl

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