Chronicles of Athas

Altaruk to Balic

  • Arrived Altaruk mid day.
  • Forced by thugs to meet the dwarf merchant Raf of House Rees.
  • Raf contracted us to escort a package from Altaruk to Balic. The package is payment from Rees to House Breesh
  • Picked up package at docks. Barely exited town before gates closed. Met with caravan outside of Altaruk
  • Caravan attacked by Ssurran. Five casualties umongst the caravan guards. Caravan forced us to separate.
    01 red claw attack dark sun salute green
  • Sandstorm. Inix mount broke free. Attacked by Anakore. Discover Raf is in the box we are transportin!
  • Arrive in Grak’s Pool by foot. Raf arragnes for crodlu mounts.
  • Make camp only to discover it was on a cloud ray. It takes off. Attacked by kestrekel swarms. Raf gets push off the side but hangs on.
  • Stranded in desert near Ledo . Search for silt skimmer routes. Find Captain Karri Tolock who allows us passage aboard the Kash and Karri to Balic.


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